Il était une fois

Once upon a time… A lonely princess, a too talkative confidence, a tormented prince and a beneficent fairy... the promise of an adventure rich in twists!

Il était une fois

Quatuor with piano - Songs in French - Record available with the voices of Jodie Devos, Soprano and Caroline Meng, Mezzo - Production Palazetto Bru Zane and Alpha Classics


Is it a better time for the excesses of the imagination than the romantic century? Triumph of rhapsody and fantasy, the period leading from the First Empire to the Belle Epoque is also the time of scientific expeditions and trips to far-off lands. The discovery of new cultures and "authentic" exotic folklore is reviving, in France, the taste for the tales and legends, and revives the memory of the fantastic stories Perrault launched the fashion in France two centuries earlier.

If they are each reinterpreted with wit, the narrative springs of the fairy tale remain fundamentally unchanged: oppression and impossible loves give way to happiness achieved at the price of painful adventures. Hence the idea of ebuilding through this show "a universal tale", drawing on its twists and turns in the stories of the past. All on the background of French romantic music, alternating composers, some famous (Offenbach, Massenet, Debussy), some in full rediscovery (Viardot, Lecocq) or other still unknown to most (Silver, Serpette, Aubert, Isouard).

Ernest Chausson, Piano Quartet Op.30 mvt2
Pauline Buet, Marie Chilemme, Pierre Fouchenneret, David Violi

Fernand de la Tombelle, Piano Quartet
Pauline Buet, Marie Chilemme, Pierre Fouchenneret, David Violi

Frédéric TOULMOUCHE : La Saint-Valentin Couplets du flirt (mezzo-soprano) Jodie Devos, soprano Caroline Meng, mezzo-soprano with I Giardini. Recorded at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord (Paris, France), on June 4, 2016.

La matinale culturelle France Musique Live 3/6/16 Ernest Chausson, Quatuor avec piano, MVT 2
Pierre Fouchenneret, Marie Chilemme, Pauline Buet, David Violi


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